«Sales Fever» - iOS, Android, Bada


The shopping goes planetary scale! World fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, London, New-York had become closer! Enjoy them as a fine drawn levels in a new intriguing game. Each new city is a fine example of the world's best boutique galleries. To win you have to collect money and brilliants and then have a great fun during the sale. But beware! A real-life world dangers are close even in game: evade the robbers, sewers grid, banana peels and other inconveniences, which can cause wallet loss and life endangerment.


  • Nikolay Ryzhenko
  • Synyashchok Aleksandra
  • Alexandr Veremeenko
  • Alexey Naboychenko
  • Andrey Dovbnya
  • Stas Gorodnichenko
  • Taras Bosak
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